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The air freight transportation offered at Cannon Freight Ltd is equipped to get your goods and cargo delivered safely and securely, and always on time.

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Our integrated air freight service can transport all your consignments to any part of the world. Our international coverage and partnerships with trusted agents means that your shipment will reach you and your company safely. Our pick up facilities are present worldwide and we also provide export packing services for your convenience.

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Some features of our air freight imports and exports include:

  • Door to door service for cleared or uncleared goods

  • Direct services with all IATA airlines

  • Consular documentation and certificates of origin provided

  • Commercial services

  • Marine insurance

  • Presentation of a letter of credit

We serve over a hundred and fifty locations

and give companies advice on import duties and taxes. You can trust us to guide you through the workings of international freight travel. From light haulage to full container loads, we can help.

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For a reliable and hassle-free air freight transportation company, based in Wolverhampton, contact Cannon Freight Ltd on +44 (0) 1902 891 535.

From light haulage to full containers, we can help.